40 Questions To Ask An Installer

40 Questions To Ask An Installer

Q1. In which year this company was established? And what is the location of its offices?

Q2. Do you have a license? Is it insured?

Q3. Who designs the solar photovoltaic system and predict the approximation of annual output?

Q4. Are the installers your employees? Do you have the same subcontractor for every installation?

Q5. Do you have your own group of master electricians?

Q6. What is the difference between (Lease, PPA, Loan and Cash) financing options? Are you offering all?

Q7. How many dollars can I save by going solar?

Q8. What are the protocols for utility permits and connections? Will I pay for this too separately?

Q9. Do you have any representative present on-site during the inspection?

Q10. Have you done any installation nearby me?

Q11. Is there any restriction from Home Owner’s Association regarding solar installation?

Q12. Does it affect anything if I sell a home?

Q13. Is there any performance guarantee for the system?

Q14. Do you provide panel monitoring? What is the procedure for that?

Q15. Will the system meet local building and fire codes?

Q16. Is my roof is good for bearing solar panels?

Q17. Which type of inverter should I go for?

Q18. Will my home get power during blackouts?

Q19. Is it a fully designed quote or just a preliminary one?

Q20. What if I want to cancel the contract after signing?

Q21. What is the maximum installation period after the contract sign?

Q22. Will master electricians be there on the installation site?

Q23. Is it necessary for me to stay at home during the entire installation?

Q24. What are the upfront and due payments?

Q25. Do I qualify for any solar PV rebates and incentives?

Q26. Who is responsible for any kind of damage to my roof during installation, like water leakage?

Q27. Will you keep me updated after installation regarding the system’s performance or any other issue?

Q28. Can I add more modules after installation?

Q29. Should I wait for new technology?

Q30. Can I apply for shared solar or community aggregated solar?

Q31.Is there any warranty for the entire system components? And who will be responsible for that?

Q32.How solar PV installation will affect my property value?

Q33. Will my real estate taxes go up?

Q34.Is there any degradation in solar PV panels with time?

Q35. Can you provide your previous customer’s reference?

Q36. How much will it cost of replacing the roof after installation?

Q37. What if a new building is built and shades my system?

Q38. Do you install a roof-mounted system only? (OR) Do you offer a ground mount and canopy system?

Q39. Will you let me know how to reduce all my energy demands?

Q40. How much Solar PV energy is required to charge an electric vehicle? Can I get it charged when the sun isn’t shining?