Batteries and Generators

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Battery Backup systems and generator keep the power on during outages caused by storms, grid break downs, repair works etc.  Putting a stop to productivity diminution, eliminating perishable good waste, and limiting expensive repairs. Battery or Generator backup power has made it possible to use the solar photovoltaic energy you produce outside of daylight hours to power your residence or electric car.


Backup power explained

Battery & Generator backup power is a system that is connected to the electricity sources, typically solar photovoltaic panels and the electric grid, to store surplus power that your solar photovoltaic panels produce and return it to your home when you require it, mostly because of a power outage whilst an emergency. Mostly, your backup power will come from a battery or a generator. Today’s solar photovoltaic batteries are also artificial intelligent energy management systems that would optimize your residence’s power usage to take benefits of utility time-of-use plans or to make sure your electric car is charged with solar photovoltaic power.

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