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Besides providing many solar photovoltaic power solutions for a residential and private client, we at Nu Solar Power also help commercial businesses going Solar. If you own or manage a small, medium or large business or a separate office building, then we’ll be happy to consult you on making it happen. It is vital to remember, that making high electricity consumption offices go solar takes slightly more time to plan, prepare and arrange equipment and installing.

At Nu Solar Power, we deliver customized solar installations to power smooth business operations. With solar, you can gain control over your power expenses and also obtain tax benefits along the way.


Commercial Services


Monitoring & Assessments

Solar Photovoltaic Diagnostics

On-grid solar photovoltaic installations that equalize the electric power consumption of your office/commercial property

Ground Mounts & Carports

Battery Backup & Generator Systems

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Grid inter-tied solar photovoltaic electric systems with a battery backup to help you maintain your regular business operations even during a blackout

Off-grid solar photovoltaic electric systems operate independently from the grid and power your commercial place round the clock

De-Install & Re-Install for roof renovation or upgrade

Customized solar photovoltaic solutions

Variety of Commercial Solar Photovoltaic Systems

  • On grid photovoltaic installations that offset the power consumption of your office
  • Grid inter-tied solar photovoltaic power systems with battery backup to help you carry on working even during an outage
  • Off-grid solar platforms work unaided from the grid and power your commercial space all day long
  • Ballasted commercial solar systems do no demand penetration of the roof and are a good fit for flat roofs which also includes TPO.
  • Ground mount commercial Solar Panel systems are installed when sufficient roof space isn’t present. It is generally less expensive than carports because a handful of materials are needed for the array infrastructure, but it depends on the location of the property as it would require additional trenching.
  • Attached commercial solar panel systems are installed on pitched roofs. Panels are installed with flashing to avoid water leaks on Composite Shingle or with clamps on standing seam metal and R Panel. Roof penetration’s is inevitable for Composite Shingle and R panel roof structures, but not for standing seam metal
  • Solar photovoltaic carports may be installed on top pf parking structures. Solar photovoltaic carports dispense shade for automobiles along with Solar Power. In most cases, the panels are still wired to the main Utility’s meter.

Benefits of Commercial Solar

Utility bills account for a large part of overhead expenditure for any business. Luckily Solar Photovoltaic is a greener way to minimize operational expenditure. Following are the birds-eye view of how a Solar photovoltaic electric system can make a difference

1. Locking Down Utility Rates

Texas has seen significant  electricity rate spikes over the last 5 years. Such spikes have increased business overhead expenses and affect the feasibility of the business. By generating and having your own solar photovoltaic power system business can minimize or eliminate exposure to utility price uncertainties. The part of your usage that is generated on-site would no longer be subject to electric utility rate hikes.

2. Reduced operational costs:

Installing a solar photovoltaic power system is equivalent to having 40 years of power at a fraction of the expense you currently have. The cost/unit of electricity you pay now is already higher than what you would pay with a solar photovoltaic power system. As electricity prices increase in the future, subsequently this difference will also increase, resulting in even more savings over the lifespan of your photovoltaic energy system.

3. Government incentives and tax credits:

The union of government incentives and a recent decline in solar panels and other solar-related equipment prices make investments in solar photovoltaic power a sound financial option. For businesses, an investment in solar photovoltaic power can generate a quick Return on investment as well as long-term savings.

4. Great Return on Investment:

Federal Tax Credit and incentives for renewable are designed to hearten businesses to generate their own solar power, many governments programs cover the cost of up to 70% of your total solar photovoltaic system cost. These programs include – direct rebates, loan programs, tax credits and other incentives.

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