Effectiveness of solar panels in winters


Effectiveness of solar panels in winters

Do solar photovoltaic Panels require maintenance in winter?

The excellent factor about solar photovoltaic panels are that once installed, there is zero maintenance required for most of the year, including in the winter. If you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall — think about polar vortex level — you may need to hire a professional to clean off any wet, heavy snow in case you’re concerned about roof safety. NuSolar Power takes extra safety precautions by installing snow guards in areas that may have a potential for snow build-up and everyday damage.

Solar battery storage is also an important component considerably during winter and throughout the year since it allows you to daily store your energy regardless of solar photovoltaic panels production. It works by collecting all the electricity your panels produce and saving it right there at your own home, instead of sending it back to the electricity grid. As a result, you can rely on it during the times when you need more energy than your panels can actually produce which include a nighttime or on cloudy days.

Effectiveness of solar panels in winters

When it comes to solar energy, there’s one important factor to remember: it’s not about warmth, it’s about sunlight. In fact, solar power production in summer vs. winter might surprise you. Cold, sunny weather is actually an ideal time to produce energy for your home due to the fact solar photovoltaic panels work more efficiently in cooler temperatures. In reality, the industry-standard specifications for PV systems are made at a temperature of 77º F, however, they’ve come up to be even more efficient in colder temperatures.

During research and study, last year Burlington, Vermont and Indianapolis, Indiana (places with the maximum solar panels installed per capita) are in the northern cooler region of the United States. Still not satisfied? Germany, which has sunshine levels comparable to Alaska, is a global leader in solar photovoltaic panel installations, with an outstanding 12.74 per cent of their countrywide power credited to renewable energy. Germany produces five times more solar power than the United States despite having 25 times smaller area. This extraordinary evidence shows huge potential of Solar Photovoltaic Panels.

Even in the most frigid winter temperatures, when sunlight is shining, solar photovoltaic panels will produce the electricity you need to make you more self-sufficient by making your own energy at home.

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