Mission and Vision

Our planet is our legacy, and there’s just one. The extensive use of fuel energy has caused irreversible damage. The more we wait, the more severe it’ll get.

Humanity must face global climate change on many fronts. Many governments, organizations, companies and individuals try to decelerate and potentially even reverse the method of global warming that’s threatening the planet as we all know it today. These pioneers are looking to emerging green technologies, practices, and social transformation to achieve the battle against global climate change.

Nu Solar Power wants current and future generations to possess equal access to essential power and energy whilst living on a thriving and sustainable world. We aim to boost our communities by giving the gift of green energy serving our people, by minimizing electricity prices, we want to facilitate them maximize their impact on their lives. With Nu Solar Power’s help, these consumers can invest and focus directly on their own visions & missions. By saving thousands of dollars for people who would like it most, and harnessing the power of the sun via Solar Photovoltaic Cells, we want to let our future generations thrive.

Solar technology has proven to not only be the foremost efficient energy alternative, but it’s also a particularly profitable and reliable investment.

Nu Solar Power aims to contribute to the present wade through the promotion of solar energy. We believe that with the necessity for change, humanity will surface stronger and more resourceful within the future. Nu Solar Power envisions that the planet will at some point predominantly use renewable energy sources, breaking the chains of our addiction to fossil fuels and changing our destructive habits in energy and resource consumption. We envision a world where energy management is going to be smarter and more efficient, which together with new technologies, will assure our wellbeing and can lead humans to new frontiers.

Part of our vision is to form most compelling value within the solar photovoltaic industry as defined by our customers, means designing and installing the very best quality solar power systems, on time, safely, with high customer satisfaction, at a reasonable cost.

We believe the sustainability of renewable energy as a macro trend of business matters. Over a previous couple of decades renewable energies generally and solar photovoltaic especially have grown out of the incubation phase and have emerged as an economically viable, ecologically superior, greener safer and modern source of energy.

We recognize that solar energy is emerging as a mainstay power supply technology and can contribute significantly to the longer-term energy mix everywhere the planet.

We aspire to be part and to lead the energy transition and committed to contributing to innovation and growth in renewable energy across the United States. Nu Solar Power has a results-focused approach for all of our consumer and partners, which is why we work with utmost perseverance for the realization of vision and mission following the most orderly and optimal approach.