The Evolution of Solar Photovoltaic in the Last Decade And a Half

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The Evolution of Solar Photovoltaic in the Last Decade And a Half

Solar has progressed immensely in a just decade and a half around the United States. Let’s just go through a bird’s-eye view of how so.

At Nu Solar Power, we value the vision of technology evolution in the renewable and green energy sector and the beauty of moderation. Nothing means us more than being a part of a green energy revolution and the progress of the solar photovoltaic industry to help consumers around the residential and commercial sector whilst eliminating and minimizing a huge part of carbon footprint to fight climate change. Let’s just quickly gloss over the last decade and a half.

The year 2006

The year 2006 was a breakaway year for the solar photovoltaic industry. In this year the use of poly-silicon in solar photovoltaics surpassed all other use of poly-silicon for the first time in solar history. Poly-silicon, commonly known as polycrystalline silicon, is high-purity silicon. This very year, the California Solar Initiative got approved with a $2.8 billion initiative. Which became the cornerstone for providing the first solar development incentives!

The year 2007

During research in the year 2007, the University of Delaware stated they have accomplished a new record in solar photovoltaic cell technology. They had achieved 42.8% solar efficiency. Even though this statistic is nothing short of mindboggling, these numbers have not been confirmed by outside sources.

The year 2008

In 2008 the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), which is part of the United States Department of Energy, stated to have set yet another milestone in cell efficiency. To do so, the NREL designed, created, and used a photovoltaic instrument that converted over 40% of the light into power. According to the sources, this impressive feat was accomplished under the concentrated power of over 325 suns.

The year 2010

In 2001, IKAROS, a Japanese aerospace agency, was the first to exhibit solar sail technological advancement in outer space with the help of their spacecraft, JAXA, which is an abbreviation for Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. This very year President Obama ordered the installation of more solar panels at the Presidents’ residency White House. He also asked to have a solar water heater, installed.

The year 2011

The year 2011 was a mammoth year for solar photovoltaic panel installations, which was due partly because of the rapid-advancement in solar photovoltaic panel manufacturing in China. These industries were responsible for enormously lowering the prices of made in china solar photovoltaic panels resulting in doubling the solar photovoltaic installation around the world.

The year 2016

In the year 2016, an American solar photovoltaic panel producer shared that they converted 22.1% of solar energy into power employing cells made of cadmium telluride. Now, this moderation represents nearly 6% of the world’s solar energy market.

The year 2019

In the year 2019 by using multi-junction concentrator cells, NREL performed a new feat for solar photovoltaic cell efficiency by generating a whopping 47.1% efficiency. In 2019, nearly 3% of all power generated in the US was from solar photovoltaic!

The year 2020

2020 came with less favorable surprises for the world. It was yet another pleasant year for the solar photovoltaic industry and residential and business owners alike. Between January and May 2020, solar photovoltaic generated electricity grew by a massive 23.1% compared to the same time frame in the year 2019.

Nu Solar Power is ecstatic to be part of Solar Photovoltaic Energy’s revolution

Our solar energy experts are proud of the contributions to the evolution of solar photovoltaic! We are devoted to our clients and helping them attain their energy independence and playing their part in reducing carbon footprints to minimize Climate Change that too while saving thousands of dollars. We at Nu Solar Power know that by doing our bit, we carry on to be part of the world’s conviction to go green and reduce fossil fuel and carbon emissions.

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